Computer Consultant Professionals, making the complex simple.

Have others work in your business, so that your valuable time can be spent on improving your business.

Many leaders in today’s small and mid-size companies struggle with technology solutions. Change is so revolutionary that as soon as they learn something new it becomes out of date. In addition, leaders feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to tackle all the challenges they already have. Having to divide attention between core business functions and IT related concerns limits potential even more.

We help organisations of all sizes, from Not-For-Profits to international franchises manage their technical services, create plans to improve computer systems and to minimise the risk of using technology.

Initial consultation and first month free.

Discuss your business challenges with us and let us craft a strategy suited just for you. Changing providers has never been easier.
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Why choose us

The secret of success is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.

There is no doubt, the way you run your business has changed to adapt to new scenarios, like COVID-19. By adopting cloud strategies like Microsoft 365, cloud infrastructure and VoIP telephony you can give your team the flexibility to thrive during the next crisis.

You need a partner that will look ahead to the future for you because you need to be ahead of the curve. Our clients were already prepared for the new work from home style before it was needed.

Principles of our work

It's when our clients succeed, that we succeed.

Because of this we believe we should always have our clients best interests at heart, provide solutions that work, are easy to use and increase productivity. So when you work with us, it becomes about investing in I.T. instead of it becoming another expense line item.

The primary KPI for our team is “are your clients happy?”. When the focus is first and foremost on making our clients happy, everything else naturally follows.

We won’t sell you something if we don’t think it will beneficial to you and your organization. We always act with your best interests at heart, so you think of us more like a staff member than a company.

Over 65 years combined experience on our team from mutliple I.T. industries. From programming to graphic design, from help desk to solutions architecture. This means we truly can provide a complete end-to-end solution.

We hire the best, not in a hurry. We constantly advertise and filter down the thousands of applicants down to the few we would interview then pick the one that is perfect for the job. Our custom hiring process means we get only the best. As a result, those we hire stay with us longer. We have industry leading staff retention periods.

We are experts at thinking outside the box. Where others may have failed, we succeed. We design many custom solutions and integrations for our clients.

"If it beeps and boops, we probably do it"

Managed IT Services

Business Development

Quarterly strategy meetings provide you with the knowledge and roadmap to your business' success and growth. Now you can finally plan for the future.

Cost Control

Don't spend money on what you don't need. Compare or consolidate your existing services and save on your monthly expenditure.

Technical Support

Both remote and onsite support at a fixed rate for all your staff. No longer will you, or another key individual need to spend their valuable time on fixing IT issues.

Cloud Migrations

Migrate your existing systems in to the cloud with Microsoft's Office 365, Azure and other cloud-first solutions.

Digital Phone Systems

Enable multiple locations to use the same phone system, with inter-office transfers and the option to integrate it with your sales platform.

Security and Backups

Your defence against increasing online threats to your business. With air-gapped backups and a layered security approach, you can rest easy.

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Our aim is to keep it simple

Dedicated technician

You will never have to repeat yourself again. Your assigned technician will have in-depth knowledge of your business and processes.

Everything in one place

No need to call or manage multiple vendors yourself. If we don't provide the service ourselves, we take care of the vendor management for you.

24/7 Support

Somethings, things are urgent and it doesn't matter what time of day it is. Even outside of office hours, you can get in contact with us over the phone.

There are only two things in a business, people and technology

Technology doesn’t make your job easier, it makes it harder. What it does however, is take those mind-numbingly repetitive jobs away. As a result, easy jobs are replaced with harder ones that requires creative thought and out of the box problem solving.
I don’t want the industrious guy who’ll clean up the mess with a smile. Instead, I want the lazy bastard who’ll figure out how to stop the mess from happening so he doesn’t have to clean it up all the time.
When you get it right, it’s not what you can do with your computer. It’s what your computer systems automatically do for you.
Lee Sanders


Meet our leading specialists

A team that can get your business to the next level!

Our wide pool of talent and expertise is here to streamline your business, implement new systems and most importantly, free up your time.

On the team since 2008
"I've worked in IT my entire life and I now have the privilege of guiding other businesses through the complex world of technology. I love implementing projects that end up saving my clients hundreds of man hours of work."

Timothy Harrison

Managing Director

On the team since 2011
"Information Technology is like a never ending university degree. It's ever changing, and I love using that knowledge to solve the unsolvable or create a solution where none existed previously."

Deon Marshall

Technical Lead

On the team since 2012
"I enjoy being able to put out the IT spot-fires in a client's business, but being able to implement solutions that not only resolve those issues but prevent them in the future is even more rewarding."

Nathan Borlase

IT Specialist

On the team since 2012
"From a young age I've always found passion in all things tech related"

Zak Brewer

IT Specialist

On the team since 2015
"I've worked in both small business and corporate environments, and have practical experience in tailoring IT solutions that best suit your business needs."

Ashley Ross

IT Specialist

Meet our technical team

Dedicated experts that know your business.

Our strict hiring process ensures you have only the best technicians working on your business.

We also have industry leading staff retention so you know that your assigned specialist is in it with you for the long haul.

Meet our web developer

Web development made simple.

Building a website isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Our team will guide you trough the process of choosing the right set up for you. If you want to sell products online or just want a simple brochure style website, we can deliver it for you.

On the team since 2019
"That moment when everything finally clicks together and you have a finished working product that everyone is proud of, that is what I look forward to."

Verity Brean

Web Developer

On the team since 2019
"I believe our job satisfaction is tied to our clients satisfaction. We all share a passion for IT. We're at our happiest once we've solved your challenges, implemented your project, and have just taken care of things for you."

Steven Makris

Triage & Disaptch

Meet our dispatcher

No robots, just real knowledge.

Our dispatching process ensures that you speak to the right person every time.

In many cases, when you reach our dispatch desk, your questions can be answered immediately.

Free consultation

Quick analysis of your business

We will reach out to you to schedule a time that suits everyone to discuss your business' goals.

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The 5 key steps to success

Our 5 key steps to success

Complete an Audit

We take a snapshot of your current set up and gather as much information as we can.

Assess your systems

We check your systems for potential issues and your processes for potential improvements and generate a report.

Plan for change

We work with you to create a structured plan on how best to implement change. Resolve critical issues first and create a timeline to your business' success.

Implement the change

We implement each project, managing each step of the way so you can increase your productivity now and have a faster return on investment

Maintain and Align

Ensure your systems keep running smoothly, reassess at regular intervals and apply best practices to make sure your need for support is minimized.

See the results

Hear from our existing clients.

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Do you have a plan for disaster?

When the unthinkable happens, you need a plan. Your disaster response plan should cover theft, flooding, cybercrime and more. If you do not have a plan that outlines who to call and what to do, speak with us today.

Are you losing money to administrative overhead?

If your team is struggling to keep on top of their daily tasks, it may be because they are too busy trying to make the system work, instead of the systems working for them. Manual and double entries can cause countless hours of wasted manpower.

What is your roadmap to growth through I.T?

Is your plan simply to "cross that bridge" when you get to it? Planning for the future and planning for growth not only ensures your hard earned money is spent in the right place, but also helps drive your business to success.

Is your current provider bringing ideas to you?

Your IT services partner is the expert in their field. They should be bringing new and exciting ideas to you, not just fixing things when they break.

Are you protected from liability?

With director liability laws and mandatory data breach notification laws in full effect, "I didn't know" isn't good enough for the Australian government any more. You need to ensure the data you look after for your customers, is safe and secure.

Do you have to maintain a list of vendors?

When things need to be changes or fixed, is it a hassle to figure out who is in charge or responsible for the service? Vendor consolidation can not only save you money, but simplify your own processes.

Thanks for your help.

I must say we are really happy with the service we are getting from you and your team. Really good communication from everyone and prompt service. Glad we engaged you and the team. You should be proud of them all.

Margaret Good

Hi Lee, Very much appreciate the support Deon has given our agency. He came along side us at a difficult time & just made things work. We are so grateful.

Robert Robbins
Southern Districts Support Association

Zak is a champion got all my files back!! Good learning for me I’m backing it up now to Google Drive!!! Also landed a new client so will see how their IT support is going maybe another referral on the way. Have a great long weekend!!

Lisa Rowe
Financial Solutions Contracting
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