A backup is all of your data, at another location.

We should say backups, when you have a disaster you may need to use more than one backup to recover!

You may have a legal obligation to retain records for 7 years. Your backups solution can make it easy for you to comply with any government regulation on data retention. Whether it’s healthcare, financial, or other regulatory initiative, our solution provides you with a configurable data retention and protection solution that is flexible, encrypted, scalable, and complete.

Our solution gives you multiple options for fast recovery, creates trustworthy backups and keeps many versions over time.

Can we discuss my backups


A few things to know about YOUR backup

  1. How long does recovering from backup take? Hours or days?
  2. How many copies of your backup are there?
  3. Is your backup encrypted?
  4. When did you last test your backup?

A few things to know about OUR backup

  1. BACKUP in real-time – never lose more than 1 hour of data, and keep old versions forever.
  2. RECOVER files in seconds. Restore to a point in time a few hours ago, or a few days or months before.
  3. REBUILD computers in minutes to the same, or totally different hardware, or a virtual environment.
  4. ELIMINATE backup windows, complexity and risk. Our backups are encrypted.
  5. RELIABLE – test in a few mouse clicks integrity of backups. Email notifications for failed backups, failed replication of backups or for corruption of a historical backup.

Optional Extra: Completely Automatic Cloud Backups: Cloud backups are ideal if you don’t want to have to worry about staff changing backup drives every day. Our cloud backup service is a simple add-on to implement and provides you a reliable, guaranteed working backup at an off-site location 100% problem free.

We know very well that technology doesn’t always work. If your offsite backups fail for any reason, we’ll fix any problems at no charge to you. Our cloud backup service is a comprehensive solution including everything you need to trust your backups will be there when you need them.

Optional Extra: Standby Disaster Recovery Server: We guarantee to have a suitable temporary server at your office within two hours of your call.

Optional Extra: Quick Server Restore: Prepare a second server onsite and we can restore your server within minutes of your call. When you add up the full cost of downtime. The billable employee hours lost. When you’re unable to respond, or access files, you’re losing valuable time and business. Restoring functionality within a few minutes is possible.