computerservices_iconEveryone needs a team of people to help them. Your accountant does the taxes, you call a plumber when your toilet overflows. Your IT guy fixes the computer. Without these experts you’ll be fixing endless problems, and not out earning money, getting things done!

When you surround yourself with experts you gain other benefits:

Benefit #1: Regain some time

The time and effort spent on figuring out computer problems has a very real opportunity cost. We’re able to fix problems quicker than you could, and with our set of tools we can detect problems before they become failures. You’ll have less interruptions and any problems you do have get fixed quicker.

computer-supportBenefit #2: Product Knowledge and Purchasing Power

The hardware and solutions we provide are suitable for business use and have long lifespans, they’re not the least expensive option. There are usually cheaper alternatives we won’t sell as not fit for purpose. Our customers with the least number of problems are those who have followed our purchasing advice the longest.

Benefit #3: Expertise and Experience

We’ve put in solutions for of businesses of all sizes. We have significant experience with MYOB, Quickbooks, Ostendo, AutoCAD, ACT, GeeDee, RSM, REST, Stratamaster, LEAP, Filepro, OpenPractice, Capable, JIWA, Filemaker, Pronto, simPRO, FastTrack, Storman, Rentalpoint and more. We can make these applications perform well.

Anyone can say they do IT support, there’s generally no bar that has to be passed first. It’s not until you start using the service that you start encountering quality issues. By then, however, they’ve already done the damage to your business.

proactive-technical-supportBenefit #4: Advanced technology – A generation ahead

Remote access is common, anyone can use teamviewer. We were doing that a decade ago, but now we are able to detect and prevent issues!

We’re using the most advanced Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) software package available. With this software we can do things automatically for you, without interrupting you!

You won’t be interrupted by those update notices as we’ve already applied the updates for you. We’re scanning your hard drive for any issue we can detect, and will automatically fix those for you. Management includes asset details, with our RMM software it’s super easy for us to give you asset reports for your insurance claim, licence information for audits, warranty dates for hardware, and more.

Benefit #5: Quality

When everything is made in China, how do you know what to buy?

We only source products which will be reliable and problem free as our experience can guarantee. We dislike problems with the stuff we sell as much as you do.

Price is always a factor but other aspects like warranty, performance and specific features will determing the lifetime cost for a purchase. There are always cheaper alternatives, but we’ll only supply items fit for purpose.

Benefit #6: Better support than the software vendor

We have been fixing apps like MYOB, Quickbooks, RST, Stratamaster, GD, etc for a long time. We’re often able to make your apps run faster, and can fix things quicker than the vendor will. There’s even a few things we know and they don’t, like our MYOB email delay fix.

If your vendor is slow or painful to use, our service can resolve problems and you can get back to business. With our RMM software we can quickly connect in and fix the problem, without you having to leave your office.

If your vendor offers poor, or expensive support we may be able to perform a large portion of your application support needs. Over time we learn the vendors fixes and can replicate their work, which is how we know a lot about fixing Pronto

Benefit #7: Attention to Detail!

Computers have almost as many parts as your car. It’s easy to not know or lose track of details which may be important. Your domain renewal occurs once every two years and everything breaks if you forget it!

With our software tools, we know every detail of your digital assets. Including all hardware serial numbers, configurations and software licences, and the renewal dates for all your domains.

To stay organised as we’ve grown, we’ve made sure to meticulously document the details. We do this so our service can add another layer of protection for our clients. If our domain vendor doesn’t email us about your domain renewal, our system will make sure we renew your domain anyway.

Paying attention to the details helps avoid problems.