Microsoft and Google provide the world’s most advanced email services, for a fixed cost.

You don’t need a server because it’s maintained by Google or Microsoft, they do all the work and charge you $5 per mailbox per month.

Includes spam filtering

You get round-the-clock updates so you’re always protected against viruses, spyware, spam, unsafe websites, and email works flawlessly while travelling interstate or overseas.

Includes virus filtering

The service is available 24x7x365 and if anything ever breaks on the server, Microsoft has a team of highly qualified technicians to fix things, immediately, at no cost to you!

All data in sync on all devices

The service provides availability anytime and anywhere for your business data. Edit files from the server on your tablet and laptop when out of the office. You have methods to revoke access to data and control what data is on each device.

We can migrate you

We provide an easy process where your email is always working and no email is lost. Setup includes all liaison required between you and your vendors, as well as all changes required to make your email safely arrive in office 365.  The data migration procedure is simple but does take some time to complete, depending on the amount of data.

Cost Benefit Analysis

For 10 employees, all the hardware and software licences for a traditional server is about $6,000, or $600 per user. Assuming a generous five years of service out of the hardware, you have a $120 per user per year capital expense, and add on the cost for IT support for updates, fixes, etc over that period.

Both Google apps and Office 365 are $5/user per month, $60 per user per year AND NO IT support overhead!

It’s what we use 🙂