Integrating Bendigo Bank’s multi-factor authentication with a multi-device cloud service


Officially, to use the multi-factor authentication with Bendigo Bank you need to install a special Symantec VIP security app on your mobile phone. The official method leaves a lot to be desired because my security token is tied to the Symantec VIP app and can’t be moved to a new device.

Personally, when I get a new phone I don’t want to have to re-create all my security tokens. That’s a lot of work you can easily avoid by using an app which can migrate your security tokens between devices.

I resent having to install a “special” Symantec app and thankfully I’m not the only one. Thanks to several people, we can replace the Symantec VIP app with a standard app like Authy or Google Authenticator.

The process is a little technical because step one is to install the Python programming language.

  1. Install Python (I used WinPython)
  2. Install VIPAccess Python library (command highlighted in image below)
  3. Create your security token. Bendigo only license the SYMC option illustrated.
  4. Call Bendigo and provide them the token you have just created, SYMC92693911 in the above example.
  5. Open your auth app and manually enter the TOTP created, 44QGHSUGWAOQI3GPQ7PKLS7MPLSIJDDC in the above example.
  6. You’re done. Go test it works.
Lee Sanders

Lee Sanders

Founder of Computer Consultant Professionals and with over 20 years of industry experience, Lee specialises in tailored technology solutions that help businesses grow.

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