Have you ever had your computer just stop working?

Like your car, computers require regular servicing to run at their best. If you’d like to ensure that potential breakdowns are avoided then maintenance is essential.

Our maintenance system aims to service your computer so you can get the best out of it. Maintenance is done automatically, every day in the background without disturbing you. Our maintenance system will resolve issues before you notice they even existed, allowing you to focus on your day to day work.

Maintenance Saves You Money

More than half of the time we spend on a problem is actually spent finding the issue, rather than actually fixing the issue.

If we have our maintenance system on your computers, the entire process can be completed significantly quicker. For example, how long does it take to get access to your computer?

With our maintenance system it takes us less than 3 seconds before we’re looking at your screen and we’re are able to start helping you.

If your mouse or keyboard isn’t working correctly you’re not able to do anything, and this would normally require a visit to your office, but if our maintenance software is already installed we can help instantly over the internet and get you back up and running quickly!

Our maintenance system is constantly running to detect and repair problems such as hard disk corruptions, space issues and applying updates. This is all work we’d have to do manually.

Having our maintenance software do this instead means it saves us time, ultimately saving you a lot of money.

Increased Security

Nobody wants to have a virus on their computer; they are toxic hazards that have the ability to cause you major issues and they’re hazards we can help you avoid.

Its much easier for a virus to get into your computer when your software is out of date, updating will prevent most virus’s and will also completely stop the “new version available” popup’s you constantly get.

Our maintenance system automatically installs all critical and security updates, within hours of their release. We will update Windows, Microsoft Office and 110 other applications like Skype, Adobe Acrobat, Java, Flash, etc. This helps keep your computer safe and means you’re always using the least buggy software version available.

Asset Management

Our maintenance system also tracks every detail of your computer. The serial numbers, models, warranty details and a lot more. If you need any information for insurance or other paperwork we can provide this to you quickly and easily. This can be especially helpful if your computers are located around the country, or the world.

If you have a large number of computers, it can be difficult managing where your assets are, and who has them. With our maintenance software we’re able to give you a report showing you where it is, who last used it, when was it last used and we can even automatically email you those reports every month.

Our maintenance will also regularly perform a full software licence audit. You can be sure you’re compliant with your licencing terms and always have up to date list of what software licences assigned to each staff.

What does our Maintenance solution do?

  • Update Microsoft Windows
  • Update Microsoft Office
  • Update your Applications
  • Restart Services when they fail
  • Virus Scan & Update (with protected plan)
  • Registry Scan & Clean-up
  • Start-Up Process Optimisation
  • Create a System Restore Point
  • Check your backups are working
  • Audit All Hardware
  • Audit All Software
  • Check Security Logs
  • Check Application Logs
  • Check System Logs
  • Check System Performance
  • Full File System Check
  • Full Defragmentation of Hard disk
  • Disk Clean-Up of Unused Files
  • Removal of Cookies
  • Removal of old temporary files
  • Check CPU Performance
  • Check RAM Utilisation
  • Check Network Performance
  • And a lot more…